Quartz Cleaninig System Automatic


Robotank's Tecnology Automatic design Quartz Cleaninig
Hy quality cleaning sistem with many programmable program
features, it use for belljars, quartz tube and other quartz
it is designed for safe and easy operation.
- Fully Programmable PC Controlled.
- Easy operator touch screen or mouse and keyboard interface
- Unlimited programmable recipes.
- Multitasking sistem feature for high throughput.
- Realtime process viewing/tracking, Historical data storage.
- Administrator control screens, programmable security levels.
- Capable of processing Quartz tube 6/8/12.
- Acid Saving (about12 Liters for process)
- Chemical Spray Manifold.
- DI pre-rinse and final rinse
- CDS chemicals inside.
- Sistem Dry Quartz Tube (after final rinse).
- Maintenance controls.
- CE certificates available.
- Antistatic p.p. material.
- Options final rinse with resistivity monitor
- Options FM Global 4910.