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Wet Station Fully Automed


Robotank Technology inside manufacturer of first quality.
Fully Automated Wet Processing Equipments for:
- Etching
- Plating
- Stripping
- Cleaning with Quench or Quick Dump Rinse, and many more
- Recirculate Filtered Etch Bath, teperature range 5 to 170 C.
- Quartz Baths temperature range 30 to 200 C.
- Megasonic Cleaning Sistem.
- Ultrasonic Remover or Cleaning Sistem
- Polishing and many other process solution.
- Easy operator touch screen interface.
- Unlimited programmable recipes.
- Configurable for dry to dry processing.
- Multitasking sistem feature for high throughput.
- Real time process viewing / tracking, Historical data storage.
- Administrator control screens, programmable security levels.
- Capable of processing boats 6/8/12.
- Maintenance controls.
- CE certificates available.
- Antistatic p.p. material.
- Options FM Global 4910.
- Options Fire suppression system.