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Robotank, produces machinery and equipment for the nanotecnologie, in a particular producing companies way of electronic (Microchips) members, chemistry industrial, pharmaceutical, public and deprived of research and analysis laboratories and pulling down systems for toxic gases, acids and dusts contaminating for the man and the environment.

Today Robotank produces :
- Manual servo-assisted wet benches, available in natural polypropylene, antistatic poly-propylene, flame retardant polypropylene, corzan    and stainless steel.
- Manual, semi-automatized  and full-automatized wet benches. 
- Washing benches and service benches.
- Automatic systems of acid distribution, on Customerís request..
- Engineering of custom systems.
- Full-automatized rinsing  wet-benches  with chemicals saving system and simultaneous differential processes.
- Plastic trolleys to keep acids provided with safety systems.
- Plastic trolleys to keep quartz tubes, provided with a controlled heating system against humidity and microfiltered forced air circulation.
- Plastic-mechanic agitators provided with micro-processor controller with illuminated Lcd,infrared remote control and serial connectors  rs 232 or rs 485.
- Rinsing tank with H2o demineralized type " Dump-rinse" or "Quick-dump-rinse", in poly- propylene or PVDF ( other materials available on request ) provided with microprocessor controller and wide illuminated Lcd, all the rinsing phases are totally programmable; the controller is equipped with a probe to check finally the conductivity of demineralized water and the reading on the display is in mega-ohm. The infrared remote control is available on request. The controller is provided with serial connectors rs 232 or rs 485.

I prodotti da noi trattati , sono testati e curati , per offrire un efficenza del 100%.
Ogni macchinario e' garantito da 1 a 2 anni.

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