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- Robotank was formed in Sicily, in the town of Catania at the begining of the seventies. We started to manufacture componentes and accessories for the chemical industries and reaserching institutes, like protective coverings for x-ray rooms and devices for semiconductor industries.
- In 1972 was manufactured the first wet-bench for semiconductor production.
- In 1998 Robotank signed a commercial agreement and started to distribute it's products in Europe.
- In 1999 our company signed a commercial agreement with an American partner, to sell our products in America.
- In 2000 thanks to the agreement with the American partner (Vanaire Inc. KY) Robotank exhibited the wet-benches at the Semicon West of San Fransisco (California). In October of the same year the products were exhibited at the Electronic Show of Phoenix (Arizona).

- The development and realization of plastic, pneumatic and electronic devices as well as sofware and firmware are entirely constructed in our labs thanks to our highly specialized personnel.
- Robotank now, is also manufacturing full automized wet-benches, chemical delivery systems and scrubbers to reduce harmful gases in order to protect the environment.